Contestant on The Bachelor: Rozlyn Papa

February 24, 2010
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Season 8 The Bachelor’s Rozlyn Papa, is confronted yet again with accusations of an inappropriate relationship that led her to be kicked off the show. She maintains nothing happened, but when the girls told all, they had a different opinion! Read more below the photo!

Just over a month ago on the premier of this season’s show, Papa was pulled aside by host Chris Harrison and told her relationship with the staffer was cause for both of them to be removed from any participation in the show. She keeps fighting back, and people start believing her less. Continue for more juicy details, with a video!

At first when the news came out, who was to know what was true and what was rumor. Now after the interviews and women (and the host) telling all of what they thought “maybe” we are getting a better view of what really happened on The Bachelor. Rozlyn Papa spoke with ET and watched the episode where she basically called it a dramatic TV show and that it was very edited (you can see the video of this below). She seemed sincere, I think. But then we hear from everyone else, that it really did happen.

On the recent episode, so many women said they saw the producer and contestant kissing, and that she would be missing at times. Check out this recap with some video highlights. Chris sure didn’t back down either, even when she fought back at him saying he flirted with the producer’s wife! He wouldn’t respond to that and sees it as an example of her character.

Other than the few jabs she made, she really didn’t seem to defend herself very well. And in this article, with photos, it states that her body language was consistent with lying behavior. Now, this could be editing, and maybe not quite how the real version actually went.

Drama, drama, drama! So tell me what you think about The Bachelor’s Rozlyn Papa now! Check out the video as well!

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