Could Teen Mom’s Maci & Ryan Work It Out?

July 26, 2011
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For me, one of the saddest couples on MTV’s Teen Mom is Maci and Ryan. They have a really cute kid, who seems genuinely confused by the lack of stability in his family. Can’t they just work it out?

Maci Bookout

Okay, so it turns out that Kyle, who we all thought was this knight in shining armor, turned out to be a little on the douchey side. Even after they were engaged, he reportedly dumped her.

I guess that low-brow move is better than leaving her at the altar, right?

Either way, little Bentley is watching all of this unfold, and will someday feel the hurt from his mother and father’s separation.

Is it just me, or can you see that Maci still has feelings for Ryan whenever they meet up to hand their kid off to each other?

Sure, Ryan is pretty douchey too, but if they could somehow grow back together it would do a world of good for little Bentley.

Many gossip mags are teasing us with headlines about these two being reunited, but is turns out that they are still “just friends.”

A source apparently told OK Magazine:

“A part of Maci will always love Ryan … And whenever she looks at Bentley, he’s a part of Ryan, too.”

I suppose it is nice to see them working to co-parent the little guy. I was actually pretty impressed with Ryan’s maturity in a recent episode when he supposedly “met” Kyle for the first time. He was actually pretty cool about it.

There’s nothing like watching two young Southern guys remind each other not to let a kid fall – as if that is the worst that could happen.

Anyway, I’m not suggesting that they get back together if things are going to be tumultuous, but if they really have grown the way friends say they have, maybe it’s time to give this thing another spin.

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