Crystal Gunns Is Louisa C. Tuck: Teacher’s Aide

November 21, 2008
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Meet Crystal Gunns, a former porn star who has been working as a teacher’s aide at D’Ippolito Elementary School in Vineland, New Jersey. Working under her birth name Louisa C. Tuck’s former career has become an issue for many parents at the school. Read her biography and check out photos and video here.

Louisa C. Tuck is Crystal Gunns, a former adult film star who is now working as a teacher’s aide. Hired in June at D’Ippolito Elementary School, Louisa makes $5,772 a year as a playground aide and working in the cafeteria. She also works with kids at the local YMCA.

When Louisa’s previous work as porn star Crystal Gunns came into light, their first instinct was to fire her. However, the New Jersey Board of Education legal advisers have advised that there is no legal basis for terminating her.
Superintendent Charles Ottinger, says they have been advised against firing the teachers aide, “Not that we don’t want to.”

Crystal Gunns Biography

Crystal Gunns was born Louisa C. Tuck March 20, 1976 in The Bronx, New York. She is well known in the adult industry for her 36FF breast implants. Her adult career began in the late 1990’s. She has appeared in several magazines including D-Cup, Gent, Hustler Busty Beauties, Score, and Swank.

The Vineland Daily Journal reported that Gunns was working as an aide at a New Jersey elementary school on November 21, 2008. The parents then called for her firing after the news surfaced of her work in the porn industry. Tuck she said that she hasn’t worked in adult entertainment for five years and should be able to continue her job.

“If this is about morality, our president-elect has admitted to doing crack, and he’s our president. Does that make him a bad person? Bill Clinton smoked pot. Does that make him a bad person?”

What do you think, is it inappropriate for her to continue to work as a teacher’s aide?

Check out more video and pictures below.

Crystal Gunns
Crystal Gunns Pictures

Crystal Gunns Video


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    GHOSTDOG Says:

    Why would it be inappropriate? If she is conducting herself professionally I see nothing wrong with it