Dark Knight Rises Trailer Emerges! (WATCH)

July 18, 2011
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The Dark Knight Rises trailer hit the web today amid growing anticipation for the new Batman flick. Teasing for the new movie began a few days ago when a really clever poster made its rounds showing the outline of the bats symbol against the Gotham cityscape.

Dark Knight Rises

It’s a major undertaking to even conceive of a follow up film to The Dark Knight. Even without the tragic passing of Keith Ledger, the film received unprecedented praise for its special effects, and larger than life on-location scenes.

The man behind the last wildly successful Batman film is at it again, and from the looks of the trailer, we are in for a treat.

Dubbed ‘The epic conclusion to the Dark Knight legend,” the movie looks to live up to its name.

The trailer doesn’t reveal too much action, which I’m thankful for. It can be frustrating when a big budget action film comes out, only to be spoiled by giving every big moment away before its release.

This particular trailer effectively gives the viewer the sense that the film will be larger than life. An eerie voice over calmy works through a little ditty about how sticking to an “ideal” can turn you into a legend.

Once again, Nolan seems to have opted for the film to be shot in a dark tint. His portrayal of Gotham city was spot on in the previous film, and I’m expecting him take a similar approach this time as well.

Only about a minute and a half long, the trailer garnered considerable attention online, and so far is only available on the movie’s official Facebook page.

It will no doubt pop up on Youtube and the like, but for now, it’s worth visitng the page for a crispy, wide-screen, high-definition version.

Check out the Dark Knight Rises trailer HERE.

I’ll be there on opening night….will you?

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