Darren Criss Joins Glee!

November 15, 2010
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It’s official ladies and gents. Darren Criss joins Glee! He has landed himself a role on the Fox’s hit television series. Yay! Find out more exciting details and see photos and a video right here!

Darren Criss

Since last week’s episode of Glee, featuring the studly Darren Criss in a stellar performance of “Teenage Dream” by singing sensation Katy Perry, has proved himself to be quite the catch! Be sure to see pictures and videos below!

According to reports, the sales from Glee’s soundtrack were phenomenal and sold “more than 55,000 following its release” which is incredible! Glee’s creator Ryan Murphy made a deal with Criss after he became “such a sensation in one week”. At the 39th Gala for the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Murphy says:

“I think there’s a hunger for him and a positive relationship role model. He’ll definitely continue through the year and longer. We just signed a deal with him…”

I’m sure Darren is absolutely thrilled with the outcome of not only his “regular status” but with the record sales stemming from a killer performance on the show. With that, he says, “I’m proud of that. That’s our biggest-selling single ever in the history of the show and the fact that it’s one boy singing to another boy on a network television show and it’s a No. 1 song and it sold probably 200,000 copies in one week is a very profound thing that I’m personally very proud of.” Definitely a job well done!

So what’s in store for Criss’ character Blaine? Will he and Kurt hook up? For now, that is yet to be determined. You will have to tune in to find out!

Glee airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c. Darren Criss joins Glee! For exciting! You can leave us your thoughts in the comment box and check out some pretty cute photos and his Teenage Dream performance of Fox’s hit tv series below!

Darren Criss Photo 1 1
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3 Responses to “Darren Criss Joins Glee!”

  1. 1
    gleek Says:

    They made him so clean cut. I don’t know why. He’s much cuter with with the unkempt curls.

  2. 2
    Angel Says:

    I’m really excited that Darren Criss is going be series regular. I fell in love with his character Blaine.

  3. 3
    Ted Dawson Says:

    And who the hell is Darren Criss?

    Hollywood is really getting desperate!