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Calpernia Addams is a Transamerican Love Story

November 30, 2007

Calpernia Addams is an author, actress, and activist in the transsexual community. See photos, video, and a biography of Calpernia here. Calpernia Addams is in the news today as she is the star of an upcoming reality series called Transamerican Love Story. MTV owned Logo made the announcement yesterday:
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Michael Symon is Iron Chef Winner

November 12, 2007

Meet the winner of Iron Chef, Michale Symon. He beat the runner up John Besh by an angel hair. This Iron Chef beat all comers. Michael Symon is a treat for sore tongues. May he use his vaunted kitchen powers to delight the taste buds of countless patrons to come. Cleveland Foodie called the...
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