Davina McCall Photos?!

July 26, 2008
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Davina McCall photos?! Yes, but none that we will ever see. The Big Brother host reveals that after having three kids, her stomach is flatter than ever. The 40 year old is very confident in her body, as she should be. After having her third child, Davina has worked intensely with a trainer and gotten her body exactly where she feels best. Wearing a healthy size 12, it took her only 19 months to get in tip-top shape. Now the mother of three feels confident, sexy, and loves that she got her flat stomach back. So sexy that she would consider posing in photos for her husband. She tells the Mirror,

“Only in a photo for my husband – for his eyes only. Maybe I’d do it as a birthday present or something. There’s no way I’d strip for anything else. My kids are at school, just imagine it: ‘Urgh, I saw your mum [sans clothing] in a magazine.’ It would be too embarrassing for them. I don’t want to be like Edina out of Absolutely Fabulous, with my kids going, ‘Oh my God, Mum, stop it!’”

Davina McCall In A Bikini Video

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