Denise Richards Renewed

October 29, 2008
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Denise Richards is making a comeback. Get the scoop on her return to E! below. Photos and video after the jump.

Somehow Denise Richards is making a TV comeback on the E! Network. The former wife of actor Charlie Sheen has officially been given the green light on a second season of her reality series. The show was reportedly dead in the water last time I heard. I wonder what changed the network’s mind?

“When Denise let viewers into her home last season, they got to know the real Denise and judge for themselves,” explained Lisa Berger, head of original programming at E! “We all know that Denise is full of surprises and, from what we are already hearing, there is much more to come.”

The Denise Richards reality series will be returning in 2009. The show has also dropped its first season title, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, for the new title Denise Richards. The upcoming season is reportedly going to be full of surprises. The show will continue to focus on Denise as she attempts to juggle her role as a Mother and social butterfly.

More photos and a video of Denise Richards are below.

Denise Richards Video


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