Denise Richards Spills Her Guts But Deletes Twitter Message!

January 1, 2010
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We thought the day was coming when Denise Richards spills all about Charlie Sheen in a tell-all snitching that would undoubtedly knock the socks off of the entertainment world. Read about her threat and tell us how you think her twitter message was deleted.

Denise Richards spills all

As we all know by now Charlie Sheen was arrested for domestic violence against his wife Brooke Mueller. The story has dragged Denise back into the limelight because this is a marital catch that Denise Richards knows something about. She was married to the jerk.

Their marriage was apparently a stormy one to put in poetically. It ended in divorce in 2006 after which Sheen began courting Brooke Mueller with sweet, charming man talk that some men have perfected to an art form. In the divorce papers Denise Richards accused her husband of threats of domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and general no goodness.

As she watched the story unfold of possible domestic violence against yet another Çharlie Sheen wife, Denise Richards became incensed that paparazzi began following her around to playgrounds with her kids. Some photos were snapped and the blogosphere began crowing that she was looking for publicity again.

Boo. Leave that girl alone. It’s enough of a burden to get stuck with a heel of a husband. Who needs everyone piling on? Let’s hope that Denise Richards spills all soon because she deserves a metal for not tightening his nuts while he slept. I mean just look what he is doing to her in this picture!

Because of the unfair publicity Denise Richards apparently popped a cork so she vented on her Twitter page.

“For all the negative nellies out there, I DID not have a f—ing photo op with my kids at a park. when there is drama u get followed more.” And then later, “Sorry had to vent s— pisses me off sometimes. One day I will spill my guts about EVERYTHING.”

The tweets were made on New Year’s even around midday. She seems to have regrets because the threatening tweet was magically removed from her Twitter page. You can still find a cached version of it here at least for a while, and you can certainly view our photo copy of the image above.

As an aside how self-centered that Richards has 1.5 million followers and only follows 45 people. We expected to find Right TV among the 45 but were disappointed. Aren’t we more interesting than her?

So there you have it. Denise Richards spill it and unspills it all in one day. How do our readers believe this can happen on Twitter where mere mortals are stuck with our words for life. What does she know and how soon will we learn it? Meanwhile view the video below and agree that the socialite is a lot better in foreign tongue.

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One Response to “Denise Richards Spills Her Guts But Deletes Twitter Message!”

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    donna Says:

    Remeber one thing “Denise got stuck with a hell of a husband”
    Denise get $52,000 MONTHLY IN CHILD SUPPORT

    Do not pity this girl, she loves any publicity, is constanly twitting re: buying new houses, adding on to current homes, her handbags are worth a monthly income of mine.
    REMEBER $52,000.00 A MONTH! POOR DENISE!!!!