Digital Death Celebrities Still Dead: $1 Million Pledge Still Not Reached!

December 4, 2010
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Seems like fans don’t really care that their favorite stars are dead, or they really aren’t that upset they haven’t heard from them, because the celebrities who committed to Alicia Key’s Digital Death campaign are still dead. For more info on what the means and how you can help bring them back to life, keep on reading!

If you haven’t seen a Tweet from Lady Gaga or an update from Kim Kardashian in a while, it’s because they are dead. Well, not really, but for many of them they are suffering a fate worse than death: not being able to sign online.

On Wednesday, some of the most savvy social media celebs signed off their accounts as part of Alicia Key’s Digital Death campaign to raise awareness (and money!) for children suffering from AIDS. In order to be allowed to get their Twitters and Facebooks back, the celebs had to raise $1 million for Key’s Keep A Child Alive foundation, which supplies medical aid to children in Africa and India suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Justine Timberlake, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Usher, Ryan Seacrest, the cast of The Buried Life, and many others all vowed to sign off of all of their social media accounts until they met the million dollar mark, and the only way to do that was if people donated $10 to the charity to “buy their lives back”. Kinda morbid, but not a bad idea considering that all of the Digital Death celebrities have over 29 million followers between them on Twitter alone.

Wednesday was World AIDS Day, so it seemed like a good time to kick off the fundraiser, but the Digital Death celebrities are far from reaching their $1 million pledge. I guess they assumed with so many followers and friends they would be able to make the money and get back to their internet addictions pretty quickly, but as of the time this post was written they had only managed to raise a little over $288,000. Yikes.

In an attempt to get more people to donate, they have even lowered the minimum donation from $10 to $5, but are still only managing to muster a little under $100,000 a day. At that pace, we won’t know what Ryan Seacrest is doing for another week! What on earth will we do?!

The premise is that the Digital Death celebrities won’t sign back on until they reach their $1 million goal, but there’s no way to tell how solid of a commitment that is. I’ve personally seem Facebook updates from The Buried Life since Wednesday reminding fans to go donate, but I don’t know if the “rules” state that other people can’t post for them. A lot of these celebrities rely on social media to promote their projects and shows, and a week and a half off the grid could be detrimental to their careers! Okay, probably not. But considering that many of the final Tweets from the Digital Death celebrities are about how they don’t know how they will manage, I’ll be surprised if they stick it out, or if they just pool their funds and raise the money themselves.

What do you guys think? Why have the Digital Death celebrities not yet managed to raise their $1 million goal when they have so many online fans? Do you think they will be able to stay offline until they reach their pledge? Leave us some comment love and let us know, and check out this video on how you can donate! Despite all the drama and focus on the poor, unconnected celebs, it is for a great cause!


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3 Responses to “Digital Death Celebrities Still Dead: $1 Million Pledge Still Not Reached!”

  1. 1
    Brandi Says:

    It’s called a recession you dunba$$e$. Really, don’t ask your fans for money, their probably unemployed. $1M bucks is pocket change for each one of you, so how about you dig into your own piggy banks and donate that much a piece and really do some good.

  2. 2
    Kris K Says:

    gimme a break. celebrities use their image to help charities all the time. and We DO do care more about them then kids dying of AIDS. When’s the last time you were writing outraged posts about kids dying? It’s not their freakin job to put in all the money themselves. read bout the charity and they help millions of people with way less than us. if you don’t want to spend 5 bucks fine, but don’t pretend you’re not doing it because you’re mad at ryan seacrest.

  3. 3
    Alex Says:

    The reason people aren’t donating is because they are offended that celebrities think that we there fans care enough about there lives to feel like we have to donate when they stop updating there social profiles. I would have been way more likely to donate had they simply campaigned for the cause. I say shove it celebrities. Don’t ask your poor fans to donate when your the ones with the sexy bank accounts. I’ll donate to another organization to help end aids, but not to bring you back to life. Enjoy being dead!