Donkeys’ Gaza Dye-Job Creates Makeshift Zebras (Video)

October 11, 2009
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Two donkeys at a struggling zoo in Gaza were dyed to look like zebras. Hey, the kids didn’t seem to mind the donkeys’ Gaza dye-job (see video here).


It’s the best they could do to provide an example of the exotic animal for visitors to the zoo. The strict blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt following Hamas’ election victory has forced them to get creative. I suppose they’re doing better than a nearby competitor that features a fox who lives in a shopping cart with a piece of wood over the top.

I was relieved to learn that they at least made an effort not to harm the animals while dying them. Slate reports that they opted for human hair dye just to be on the safe side. Mahmud Berghat is the director at the zoo, located in Marah. He said:

“It’s really a painted donkey…We cut its hair short and then painted the stripes…But don’t tell anyone. The children love him.”

Berghat tried his best to acquire a real zebra, but it would have to be smuggled through the system of tunnels that are used to bring goods into Gaza. Under those conditions the animal would have cost over $25,000. So instead, they went with the donkey, which he jokes was “locally made.”

This is something that would have given Eeyore a real reason to pout. You’d think it would be a dead giveaway when the animal let out its trademark “eehaaawwww,” not to mention the difference in the ears. I’m sure the children are familiar with donkeys given that the economic situation has forced many in Gaza to favor them over cars. I think it’s only a matter of time before the kids call him out on it.

Check out this video about the donkeys’ Gaza dye-job below.

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