Don’t Hate Ashton Over “Men” Takeover

July 31, 2011
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Even though his gig on Two And A Half Men is still fresh news, Ashton Kutcher is already taking media daggers for his supposed “diva like” behavior. Things only got worse when an epic trailer-manse showed up on set.

Ashton Kutcher

Can I take credit for coining the term trailer-manse? Yes, I’m referring to the elite, two-story trailer that will house “kutch” while he tries to breathe life back into Sheen’s old show.Nowra

TMZ posted some photos of the metal beast while is sat near the set of the show, along with a few words of insight about how he is being received by some of “team Sheen.”

If you can say one thing about old Charlie, it’s that he has some fierce loyalists. Apparently some of them feel that Kutcher’s trailer is “over-the-top,” and that they think it makes him seem like a “diva.”

If anything they should quit whining. I’m a pretty big TV fiend, and I never even saw the show until after Charlie’s little dramatic ousting. The press from that issue, plus the coming of Ashton might just give it some sorely needed attention.

If there are any crewmembers with sour grapes, they should maybe be thankful that they still have a job.

Besides, the trailer was apparently part of the deal. Production wanted to make sure he was comfortable and treated him to a trailer that could possibly make Will Smith jealous.

Let’s at least give him a chance on to prove that he still has chops. If he falls flat during the upcoming season of the show, then we’ll start ragging on him.

Until then, enjoy the trailer Ashton. It looks like an engineering marvel. I just want to know how many bathrooms that thing has?

See the photos at TMZ.



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