DWTS: Bristol Palin Eliminated?

November 16, 2010
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Bristol Palin cut from DWTS tonight? Oddsmakers have made her the favorite for elimination. Stay tuned, read my opinion and give us your own in the comments about who will be eliminated from Dancing With the Stars and who will be in the final three DWTS final show.

Tonight’s show should bring lots of drama. Will Bristol Palin be cut from DWTS? Stars on the show have been speculating especially Maksim Chmerkovskiy who is partnered with Brandy. Max is extremely competitive and wants to win and doesn’t understand why Bristol hasn’t been cut before now. He is said to take this competition extremely seriously and finds it very upsetting when people get further along into the competition than he feels they should. As we know from his outburst with Carrie Ann Inaba earlier this season, Mr. Hunk doesn’t have an issue with speaking his mind.

However, others seem to think Bristol Palin has come a long way and has truly grown in her journey and deserves to be in the finals. The show is all about taking someone who doesn’t have professional training and turning them into a dancer.

Before the season began Vegas odds listed Bristol as a 35-1 favorite (last place) so anyone with that bet is feeling pretty good about their chances now. She has beaten all the critics and finally wowed the judges on Monday night. Still, the others are better dancers and she is still favored to be cut. She is a measly 7% bet on Intrade while Jennifer Grey is the favorite to win as an overwhelming 70%+ chance.

Left on the stage tonight are Brandy partnered with Maksim who has never actually won the title but is hungry to, Jennifer Grey who has all the experience of not being put in the corner from Dirty Dancing partnered with Derek Hough who has won the title two times, Kyle Massey who the judges seem to be loving these days partnered with Chelsea Hightower who has never won the title and of course Bristol Palin partnered with Mark Ballis who has won twice.

Will Bristol Palin be eliminated from DWTS? Or will she make the final three. If she does, either Brandy, Jennifer Grey or Kyle Massey will have to go home.

So what do you think about who will be cut from DWTS, and why?

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8 Responses to “DWTS: Bristol Palin Eliminated?”

  1. 1
    Dushan29 Says:

    Please…no more of these Palins. Bristol is not that good. She’s there for ratings with her Momma Grizzly watching. I never watch the show. I just hear about in on the news. She should have been eliminated long ago.

  2. 2
    cal bowers Says:

    Palin will stay. The couple that should go is Max and Brandy! They been kissing ass sence they both showed their aragent side. Justice I hope.

  3. 3
    dOnO Says:

    Kyle Massey is partnered with the lovely Lacey Schwimmer, (much better blonde, imho) not with the lovely Chelsea Hightower, who was partnered with Michael Bolton, who finished 11th (second to go).
    The winner should be Jennifer Gray, either Kyle or Brandy next, and Ms. Palin should be eliminated tonight. Nice effort, nice ride, but really???

  4. 4
    meme Says:

    Bristol will probably stay but it has nothing to do with her dancing, which she can’t do. Everyone is voting for Sarah. So once again, her mommy saves her.

  5. 5
    lynnda37 Says:

    Seems like mom Sarah is jealous of her daughter getting a little star time that’s why she keeps coming to the show. Kind of feel sorry for Bristol having a mom like that

  6. 6
    mizkit Says:

    I do not care for Sarah Palin, but I hope Bristol stays. Not the best dancer, but much improved. I also really enjoy Kyle. Don’t really care how well she dances, Brandy’s attitude makes her unappealing to watch. Hope she gets voted off and throws a fit. Now that would be entertaining.

  7. 7
    Tim B Says:

    The show is SUPPOSED to be about who is the best, not “most improved”, the best, and Palin by all measures is NOT that contestant. The only reason she is still in this is because of her mother, who keep stealing free air time.

    Nothing says “Presidential” like your own reality TV show and appearing with your suddenly avowed “anti-sex” daughter on another reality TV show…

  8. 8
    Rita Says:

    The show has lost all creditability….why do you have professional judges….that is a slap in their faces. Why not from beginning to end just have the public vote for their favorite dancers not the best dancers….I think it was a sympathy vote….poor Bristol….look who she has for a mother….once again free publicity for a person who has no brains and is riding on the ignorance of dumb people who don’t have a clue of what’s good for our country.