Elaine Lancaster: Real Housewives of Miami Drag-Queen! (VIDEO)

September 29, 2010
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Elaine Lancaster is the Real Housewives of Miami drag-queen! The series is finally making its way to a city with some spice, and you won’t believe who they’ve chosen for the first season.

Proving that we’ve all got secrets ‘tucked away,’ the series is taking an interesting turn with its reported new cast, which is said to include a well-known drag queen.

Fans sat aghast as former alleged call girl Danielle Staub was berated by her thick-eye browed cast mates in New Jersey—but I’m guessing the NJ ladies ain’t got nothing on the Miami wives!

In a city where you’re nobody unless you’ve got a real tan and a hot car, this show is sure to sizzle. I’m personally not buying it when Bravo claims it will be “tamer” version of the ‘Housewives’ series—especially when you consider that they’ve thrown in Elaine Lancaster, and popular drag-queen diva.

Born James Davis, she has already shown her chops alongside Rocco Leo Gaglioti on Fashion News Live, who calls her ‘the life of the party.’ The show follows Lancaster as she travels around the country to cover various fashion events. She has experience as a celebrity interviewer, and has proven not to be camera shy.

Here is the full list of the ladies that will be joining her on the Real Housewives of Miami:

–Larsa Younan (Scottie Pippin’s wife)
–Christina Rice (Glen Rice’s ex-wife)
–Social butterfly Adriana Sidi
–Alexia Echeverria
–PR queen Marysol Patton
–Lea Black (Roy Black’s wife)

I can’t wait for the premiere of this series—if anything just to take a look at their houses. Miami has some incredibly beautiful water front property that could put the houses featured in the other ‘Housewives’ series to shame.

Will you be tuning in?

Check out some photos and video related to Elaine Lancaster the Real Housewives of Miami drag-queen below.


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