Elena Satine is Aquaman’s Wife, Smallville Queen Mera

November 20, 2010
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Meet Elena Satine of Smallville fame, who is now cast as Aquaman’s wife for the upcoming season. That’s Queen Mera to fans of the show, but her credits do not end there. Read her biography, see Elena Satine photos and a riotous video for your enjoyment, all below in this news article.

Elena Satine

Elena Satine

She often goes by the name Elle Satine particularly among friends.

Rumor has it that Elena Satine is up for an even bigger role in the upcoming Spiderman movie as Mary Jane. Oh boy. That would make her Spiderman’s girlfriend and Aquaman’s wife all in the course of one career. Mary Jane has previously been played by a more famous actress, Kirsten Dunst.

In Smallville, Satine was the surprise of the new season. Justice Leaguer (aka Aquaman) emerged from the off season married. He is actor Alan Ritchson who we have to admit along with Elena make one hot TV couple.

As a biography, Elena Marie Satine was born in the former Soviet state of Georgia in a city called Tbilisi. Just try to pronounce it! Her birth date is November 24th, 1987 which means that she turns 23 this month in just a few days. Happy birthday dear Elena! She has enchanting green eyes and delicious long red hair who we have on good authority speaks Hungarian. Her measurements and shoe size are unfortunately not known to us at this time, but if you know anything more about this actress please do share in the comments. We do know that she is 5’7″ tall.

Like many young artists she is multi-talented. The actress can sing, dance, and especially play the piano. She is a classically-trained pianist which reminds me of a joke. Question: How come nobody will have sex with a piano-playing midget? Answer: No girl can be satisfied by a three inch pianist.

She is so old school though, preferring MySpace to Facebook, although she does have a Twitter page. You will find her latest socializing right here, where you can see down her dress with Aquaman. On her Twitter page she is known as Elle Satine so that is a nickname that the cool people call her. You can see way enough of her beautiful body there which is hidden only by the pink panties.

She has quite a professional resume already for a talented young actress, and a lot of fans such as this cool Facebook page fan site. Elena graduated from the vaunted Professional Performing Arts School in New York at the age of only 16 years old, and then went on to the Moscow Art Theater School in her sister country of Russia. As if that was not enough, Ms. Satine also was a guest of the British Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

All of that training behind her, the cute redhead headed to Hollywood with big aspirations.

Her first major acting role was that of Countess Elena Andrenyi in the movie remake of “Murder on the Orient Express.” She auditioned for “Black Widow” in the blockbuster movie Iron Man 2 but was runner up to hottie Scarlett Johansson.

But move over Scarlett because Elena Satine is the new hot redhead of Hollywood, a distinction that until now belonged exclusively to you.

Elena Satine’s filmography include recent television acting roles in Gemini Division, Cold Case, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, and the remake of the old show Melrose Place. And now of course she has a starring role in Smallville as Queen Mera, the wonderfully sensual Aquaman’s wife.

She has already appeared in small parts in six movies: Ripple Effect, Holier Than Thou, Bar Starz, and The Harsh Life of Veronica Lambert where she played the role of Penelope. And if she lands the Superman role, this future star will have arrived in the big time already.

Below are more pictures of Elena Satine. Just blow them up and watch the video of her steamy acting performance. Yeah! Go Elle!

Elena Satine pictureElena Satine Photo
Elena Satine Photos (Elle) Click to Enlarge

Elena Satine Video


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