Elin Nordegren Sighting: Skiing in Switzerland

January 3, 2010
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While we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Tiger Woods, the latest Elin Nordegren sighting: Skiing in Switzerland. Elin hit the slopes at a posh French Alps ski resort, while Tiger hides out, who knows where.

Elin Nordegren

Good for her! I am glad she is not hiding away despite the huge amount of attention the media is lavishing on her. She has nothing to be ashamed of and I’m sure Elin has a ton of support everywhere she goes.

Not only does Elin have the everyday people backing her up she has an amazing family and many friends that have stepped up every step of the way. With a five man security team, Nordegren and her twin sister Josefin, along with several close friends, have been skiing in Les Houches, an exclusive ski area adjacent to the Chamonix valley.

Elin knows how to do it right too, she’s has been staying in an $8,000-a-night, seven-room chalet outside the resort town of Chamonix since last Sunday. Nice. Even though they have a chef at their beck and call Elin and her twin sister have been entertaining at a local restaurant. In fact they had a New Years Eve bash that turned into the twins’ birthday celebration after midnight.

A family friend has said, that Elin wished to escape “from the minefield Tiger has created by his behavior” and that Elin told her husband “she needed a lengthy time apart to reflect on how they might possibly salvage the marriage.”

It will be interesting to see if Elin takes Tiger back. Somehow I doubt it. Way too much damage has been done. I cannot remember a time where a cheating sports star garnered so much attention. Maybe it’s just the sheer magnitude of women or maybe it was Tigers squeaky clean image. Either or, I can’t see Tiger’s career recovering, nor his marriage.

Here are a couple more photos of Elin Nordegren.

Elin Nordegren 1 2Elin Nordegrenn 2 1

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Photos: Brian McEvoy, Carrie Devorahwww.wenn.com

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