Eminem We Made You

March 23, 2009
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Photos from the new Eminem music video, We Made You, have been released. According to interscope the video is scheduled to first air on April 7. Check out pictures and video here!

Eminem 1

Eminem Chatting With 50 Cent

Interscope’s triple threat line up returns to the spotlight. That’s right Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent are back, and everyone is expecting big things. The trio was spotted at the Las Vegas Palms Casino on Sunday, filming their new video for “We Made You.” The highly anticipated song will be the first single of off Eminem’s new Relapse album.

You can find a photo from the video set on 50 Cent’s web site, ThisIs50.com. The picture shows the trio, for some reason, all mesmerized by Eminem’s hands at a poker table.

Eminem is the center of attention, positioned in the middle; he’s wearing a gray suit, white shirt, and has slicked hair parted to the side. The Doctor is located to the right of Eminem, depicted casually buttoning up his collar shirt. As for 50 cent, well he’s just chillin in casual wear, smoking a fine cigar.

RapRadar.com reports that “We Made You” was produced by the doc himself, and that although 50 Cent is in the music video, he isn’t featured on the song itself.

Interscope announced that the video will begin to air on April 7, and Relapse will be available May 19, at a press release. They also mentioned that Eminem will releasing a follow up LP to Relapse, sometime later on in the year.

Eminem Pictures

Eminem We Made You Official Video

Photos: Wenn.com

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