Eric Stoltz: Back To The Future Trilogy Collection (VIDEO)

October 12, 2010
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Eric Stoltz’s Back To The Future hopes were dashed when producers realized he just wasn’t the one for the gig. But that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering just how different the classic trilogy would have been without Michael J. Fox. Check out a clip of the original footage below along with some related photos and video.

It’s hard for me to imagine the greatest sci-fi comedy of all time without the boyish antics of Michael J. Fox. The idea makes me spiral into a paradox infused hypothetical scenario much like the films:

What if we could hop in the silver DeLorean, travel back to 1985 and somehow convince director Robert Zemeckis that Stoltz was THE Marty McFly. How would that change the future? Would Michael J. Fox’s image begin to fade from many of the promotional movie posters he was featured on as a result of the success of the BTTF movies?

Well, unless you can persuade the Libyans to hand over some plutonium, we’ll just have to fire up the 25th Anniversary Trilogy collection to see how an Eric Stoltz’s Back To The Future may have come out. Or you could always just check out the clip below.

Get more details over at Slash Film.

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…now back to the story. I don’t know folks, judging from the video clip below I don’t know that Eric Stoltz’s Back To The Future performance could have topped Michael J. Fox’s. What do you think?

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