Erin Andrews Nightmare: Oprah Interview (Video)

September 2, 2009
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Next week, Erin Andrews will be on Oprah to talk about the nightmare scenario she recently endured. Erin Andrews nightmare began when someone allegedly shot a nude video of her, then posted it online. Read about it, and see photos and video here.

Erin Andrews

Thursday will mark Erin Andrews’ return to television after a short, grainy video was distributed online purporting to show her nude in a hotel room. The incident caused her considerable trauma, and she was offered leave by ESPN. The AP reports that Andrews says returning to work “(is) really going to help me heal my wounds.”

About the realization that a video of her may be out there, Andrews told Oprah the nightmare began when she “opened up the computer (and) could feel my heart pounding.”

Her attorneys have asserted that they plan to seek criminal charges against the person who shot the video (when found), and file lawsuits against anyone who publishes or distributes it.

The return of Erin Andrews will not come quietly. In fact, Inside Edition reportedly tried to obtain media credentials for Thursday night’s game at NC State, but was denied. Talk of her covering the game even made its way to a news conference, where coach Tom O’Brien simply said: “I don’t think she affects the game, does she?”

The News & Observer reports that there will be no added security precautions taken for Andrews, but that ESPN will have private security in place. The sports information director at N.C. State feels confident that there won’t be a problem, saying: “When we talked to [ESPN], they said they were glad they were coming here because our security people do a great job.”

–ESPN’s broadcast of South Carolina at North Carolina State airs Thursday, September 3rd.
–Erin Andrews discusses her nightmare on Oprah next Friday, September 11th, on NBC.

Check out a related video below.

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