Everyone Meet Sam – The Unknown Gyllenhaal! (Video)

May 10, 2011
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Almost everyone has heard of the Gyllenhaal family. They are right up there with other prominent acting families out there in Hollywood thanks to the off-the-charts success of super stud Jake and sultry sister Maggie. But what many don’t know is there is, in fact, a third talented Gyllenhall that many people are not aware of, smokin’ younger cousin Sam!


Sam Gyllenhaal is the 20-year-old cousin of superstars Jake and Maggie, but it doesn’t seem like he has been interested in using his famous last name to further his music career. Although, for obvious reasons, it is kind of hard to fly under the radar and make a name for yourself on your own with such famous relatives, and now Sam is starting to gain a little bit of attention, so it is a good thing he’s not a bad musician!

Recently, an article about Sam Gyllenhaal was published in the UK’s Guardian, in which he is incorrectly credited as being Jake and Maggie’s younger brother, causing other sites to incorrectly say this as well. After some research, which should have been done in the first place, turns out that Sam is the son of Anders Gyllenhaal, the brother of Stephen Gyllenhaal (Jake and Maggie’s dad). So, let me reiterate, he is their cousin. But that doesn’t really matter, because Sam has got some singing chops and talent certainly seems to run in the family!

Since his Guardian piece, the blogosphere has been all a-buzz about this talented young folk singer and it can only get better from here for this young member of the Gyllenhaal clan! Sam’s YouTube views have gone up, and his Twitter following has skyrocketed comparatively (he had 39 followers earlier today, and now has over 100. That’s a big jump in one day for someone who until very recently was an unknown artist!).

Reportedly, there is also a lot of major label buzz over Sam as well, so we will probably be hearing a lot about him in the future!

Haven’t heard Sam Gyllenhaal yet? Check out part of a documentary on his music below, and leave us some comments about what you think of him below!

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