Famous Adoptions By Some Great Celebrities

April 28, 2011
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Either due to fertility issues or simply to help out the children of the world, there have been so many adoptions by famous people. As a “Law & Order” star just grew her family, I wanted to take a look at who else has given some kids a loving home.

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I plan to adopt one day and these moving stories just melt my heart! Though I could never handle the lifestyle of being a celebrity, I am so touched when I see someone in the spotlight doing a great deed for humanity!

So, here are just some of the stars who have decided to go through adoptions. Famous or not, it is an amazing thing to do and we should celebrate it!

Mariska Hargitay: Amaya Josephine

The actress and her husband Peter Hermann welcomed this little girl into their home a few weeks ago and she is now about a month old. They are overjoyed with their new little one, and so is her 4-year-old son August, who wants to protect his little sister!

Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman: Connor & Isabella

When Katie Holmes’ husband was married to Kidman they brought these two kids into their home. Once the marriage broke apart they both decided to live with their dad. His son is now 16 and his daughter is 18. Katie & Tom also have their adorable 5-year-old Suri!

Rosie O’Donnell: Parker, Chelsea & Blake

This woman not only adopted three kids of her own, but she has been a huge advocate for this type of parenting. She was married to Kelli Carpenter at the time and though they had one daughter through artificial insemination, the former talk show host has always been fighting for the rights of homosexuals to adopt kids.

Madonna: David & Mercy

The iconic singer has two children that she has gotten from Malawi. Her first, David, was adopted in 2006. With her daughter there were some legal issues but eventually in 2009 she was also taken into the celebs home. They are two gorgeous kids and have a wonderful mama!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Maddox, Zahara & Pax

If you didn’t know these two have been adoptive parents, you have been living under a rock! Jolie first brought Maddox into her life from Cambodia. Once She was together with Pitt they also welcomed Zahara (Ethiopia) and Pax (Vietnam). This makes six children for the couple, and if rumors are true, they may be getting another kid from the Philippines perhaps.

Did you know that all of these people had gone through this process? There are of course those famous adoptions, but sometimes we don’t realize how many celebrities have welcomed kids into their homes. Be sure to tell me what you think about these parents and their kids in the comment section below.

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