Gabriela Targos: Chyna’s Alleged Assault Victim

April 29, 2010
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Gabriela Targos is the woman accusing Chyna of assault. Find out what happened here.


Don’t eff with Chyna. She is large and in charge—she can handle herself in the ring, too. And if you believe one woman’s claims, the former pro wrestler may have brought the raucous to a seedy motel.

The story making its rounds on the web is that Chyna asked her friend Gabriela Targos to meet her at a motel, to which she agreed. Once there, Gabriela claims the former reality star “immediately snapped and began attacking her for no reason.”

Sources in the know make the alleged attack sound a lot like a pay-per-view cage match. It reportedly included a wire hanger, punching, and some wicked hair pulling. The fracas came to an end only after Targos fled the motel room in search of police.

Find out what happened next here – PopEater

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…anyway, back to the Chyna story. This one could get ugly. Normally I’m skeptical of accusations against celebs when there is money involved (ie lawsuits), but when the accuser is more interested in justice it makes me think.

Check out some photos and video related to Gabriela Targos’ Chyna accusations below.




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