Gok Wan

October 30, 2008
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Gok Wan is Miss Naked Beauty parade. The contestants on his new television show were to leave feeling empowered and confident Instead they felt embarrassed and insecure. Read more and see photos and video here.

His show was supposed to be about making women feel good about themselves and instead the women questioned how they got to this place.

Denise Ching told the Daily Mirror she felt, ‘Degraded, confused and very, very tearful’ after Gok sprayed her and 23 fellow contestants with a fire hose to ‘reveal their natural beauty.’ The ladies were disappointed.

Gok Wan Biography

Gok Wan was born Ko-Hen Wan in Cantonese, Leicester, England on 9 October 1974. Leicester, England. His father is Chinese and his mother is English. He grew up on one of the city’s council estates where his parents ran a local restaurant. Feeling rejected by his peers for his mixed race, homosexuality, and being overweight helped defined the person he is today. He is charismatic, and has a natural charm, which has allowed him to work his way into the world of fashion.

Gok Wan has doen opinions for fashion magazines, is a fashion consultant, and has been published internationally in several magazines. These include Tatler, Glamour, Times Style, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Face, Afisha Mir, Clash and People. He also has his own television show, How To Look Good Naked, and has written and book to accompany the series.

His more recent project aired on October 21. Afer and episode where he sprays the partially buffed contestants with a fire hose, his motives were questioned and Amanda Platell described it as “vulgarity masquerading as self-help.”
Check out video of Gok spraying the women below.


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