Graham Norton’s Albanian Eurovision Insult

May 24, 2009
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The new host of the Eurovision Song Contest, Graham Norton, made an insulting comment some say was racist toward Albanians on the air last week. See photos and video of Graham Norton as well as video of the Albanian performer below.

Graham Norton

Eurovision is an annually televised singing contest comprised of contestants from across Europe with an estimated audience of 100 million people.

Comedian Graham Norton, who made his debut this year, replaced long time host, Sir Terry Wogan. Wogan was a commentator for 30 years on the show, who finally called it quits last year. Norton’s first chance at commenting went pretty well, save the Albanian comment, which was made just before a young performer from Albania was set to take the stage.

An Albanian girl, accompanied by a strange looking man dressed head to toe in blue sequins, was ready to begin when Graham said:

“The bad news is you’re about to watch Albania. She’s only 17 so please bear that in mind. Where was her mother? Why didn’t she step in and say no?”

This remark, dubbed an insult by many, sent ripples of outrage through not only Albania, but also the Albanian population in Britain. There is even a petition circling the net calling for a formal apology from Graham. The petition, which calls Graham’s comment “very rude and insulting,” has already drawn over 1000 signatures.

See photos and video of Graham and video of the Albanian girl below.

Graham NortonGraham Norton 1Graham Norton 2Graham Norton 3Graham Norton 4


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19 Responses to “Graham Norton’s Albanian Eurovision Insult”

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  1. 1
    Ardjan Says:

    Why always bad think about Albania, We Albania’s don’t hate the west we don’t kill people in trains and buses, why don’t they show as respect, because most of Albania’s living in UK they love UK and the QUEEN. Why why why only bad think about Albanian. We aren’t not terrorists most of Albanians living in UK speak English even non of us learned at home English not like other counties been in UK more than 30 years still speaking broken English. Why you people hate those which Love UK

  2. 2
    john the idiot Says:

    Why all this fuss. As an albanian I am not offended. Even if he said that doesn’t mean anything. He is not a representative of English people to be offended. He is an individual who happened to be on tv, appearantly did not like our song and made a rude joke to appeal to a segment of the viewers who think like him. I get offended every day by other Albanians and I send letters no where. Important thing is English Government who has always suported our cause and is a responsable government is still supporting us. I work with english and they are fun people to be with.

  3. 3
    graham the idiot Says:

    Albanians are used to have marginalized people like this asshole here say insults on the TV. Usually these people are either married to or they have a long relationship with a serb female, therefore they underlay a brain washing exercise, sop now everything they see albainan is bad. Well Graham, kiss my white, big, hairy smelly asshole. You need to apologize!!!

  4. 4
    tony Says:

    he is motherfucker…
    norton is just a stuppid

  5. 5
    ardi Says:

    Figlio di putana,
    your mother is great putana

  6. 6
    albert Says:

    graham i work in white city every day
    next to BBC

    if i see you one day around there
    i swear my life i will bit you upp , and you will never forget Albania in your life
    you foucking nathink

  7. 7
    Michael Says:

    I think Graham is very funny and usually spot on! Hello, did you not see the performance? He was 100% right. Now for all the people here who left comments…..I didn’t see Graham offering up death threats and homophobic slurs. Apparently he’s right about Albania and the people who come for it. If you are representatives of your country with your comments you should be ashamed of yourselves and I feel sad for your fellow countrymen who are being shamed 10X more by your comments than the one Graham made.

  8. 8
    Saimir Says:

    So much noise over nothing. Its just commedy and in commedy you have to have thick skin and carry on. To the albanian people in the UK I say: Pound is gaining strength again, so keep em coming in through the new IBAN number.
    The reply to Graham Norton should have been: Did some sexy Albanian guy refused to push your shit uphill? LOL

  9. 9
    Miri Says:

    I think euro vision its organized by Russian mafia,voting process is so suspected,better not to be there.all people there are payed for making show offending our nice and innocent participant.

    What type of welcome is for a 17 years girl singer,first time in this song festival, ” Insulting Show”
    Hope graham doesn’t represent the general England society and I’m sure not…

    He must resolve before his inside personality problem before talking for others.
    Disgusting animal!!

  10. 10

    I’m proud to be Albanian! If I would be in place of Graham I would think twice before making jokes about Albanians!

    We are not terrorist we don’t hate Western Culture we are proud to be who we are. We saved the Western Christianity 450 years ago when the Turkish Otoman Empire was in front of Vienna Austria and now we are sudendly not civilized. Check for Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg in the net!
    The Western European’s are accusing us of being who we are! We have one of the oldest language and culture in the European ground and we had to face Otoman Turkish Rule for 500 years and then Slavic pressure and terror after that and we are now the bad ones!? Madness !

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