Heather Locklear’s Melrose Place Return

November 19, 2009
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Heather Locklear has officially returned to Melrose Place and she did not disappoint. Amanda Woodward is back in full force and she is leaving a path of destruction everywhere she goes. Locklear may have just the right amount of attitude and sass to save Melrose Place again.

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It was like time had never passed. Locklear stole the screen and has definitely added some fire into the new Melrose Place. The show is barely hanging on by a thread, but I have a feeling that kicking Ashlee Simpson to the curb and bringing Locklear into the mix just might turn this show into something really freaking good. Locklear’s Amanda quickly made it clear she was in charge, to the dismay Ella, the wanna be Amanda of the new Melrose Place. Oh Ella don’t you know that there is now and will always be only one Amanda Woodward. I can see many catfights in the future for these shall we say independent women who don’t take crap from anyone.

Heather Locklear moved into the original Melrose Place with her drop dead good looks, oozing sex appeal and don’t mess with me attitude, which completely revamped the sinking show turning it into mega hit in the 19090’s. Will lightening strike twice for both Locklear and Melrose Place. After Tuesday nights episode, I would say there is a dang good chance it will. Heather brings a life to the show it was lacking, just like the original one. So what is it about Heather Locklear that makes her valuable to this show? Well that is simple, she plays the perfect biotch.

Locklear has had a successful run on primetime television with hit shows such as Dynasty, TJ Hooker, and Spin City. But is has always been her portrayal of the sexy vixen, Amanda Woodward that made her stand out in the television industry. All eyes are certainly on Heather and the new Melrose Place to see whether or not history will repeat itself. Heather it is great to have you and Amanda back!

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One Response to “Heather Locklear’s Melrose Place Return”

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    Vera Says:

    It sure is great to have her back, she was FIERCE!