Heather Locklear Arrested For Hit-And-Run? Not Quite

April 21, 2010
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Heather Locklear arrested for hit-and-run? Slow down there, buddy. Actually she was ‘cited’—there’s a difference. Allow me to enlighten you below.

heather locklear

TMZ cranked out a few stories about it this afternoon, and the web went ape sh**. It immediately drew references to her 2008 DUI arrest, which produced a priceless pic of the actress with glassy, bloodshot eyes (see above).

But before you revel in her misfortune, let’s do some minor fact checking. Was Heather Locklear arrested for hit-and-run? Nope, but she may have spent a few moments in cuffs.

It turns out that police suspected she was driving a black BMW that mowed down a traffic sign, then drove off. Surveillance footage appears to corroborate that suspicion, but as the kings of celeb crime (TMZ) astutely noted, the footage shows her entering her community several hours after the alleged incident—making it harder to prove.

Find out what really happened this weekend here – Bumpshack

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…now back to the story. There is only one reason you would not stop after a minor wreck like that: being wasted. And let’s face it, she is no stranger to the sauce. If she is actually convicted of a hit and run, it could also be a violation of the probation order that was instituted following her last run in. Now that could spell trouble.

So was Heather Locklear arrested? Sort of, but not really.

Heather LocklearHeather LocklearHeather LocklearHeather LocklearHeather LocklearHeather Locklear

Photos: www.wenn.com/Fayesvision/Nikki Nelson/Apega

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