Heidi Montag Playboy Photos

April 14, 2010
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Heidi Montag Playboy? That is definitely not a headline I expected to see, but it seems as though The Hills star needs a little more attention. And what better way to get it than Playboy photos! Read more and check out sexy pictures and video here.

Heidi Montag

It seems as though Heidi Montag will have some Playboy photos out soon. According to reports, she is in final negations to pose for the magazine, for a reported $500,000. Oh, there is a catch – there will not be nude Heidi Montag pictures. That’s right, Heidi will not get naked for the magazine, but will instead take revealing photos, leaving her goods covered. Not a chance of getting a sneak peek at her new boob job. I’m thinking they will be like her sexy Maxim pictures, seen here. Sure they are hot, but Playboy is about the nudity – so why do it if you’re not going to do it right. I guess this is just Heidi’s way of keeping the attention on her and trying to keep ratings going for The Hills once Lauren leaves.

We will be keeping a look out for those Heidi Montag Playboy pictures, but until then you can enjoy her bikini photos here. Spencer and Heidi are currently in Mexico filming her new music video. They are so freaked out about the swine flu, that they are walking around wearing face masks. How bout putting it off for a later time, or filming in California?

“We’re definitely wearing the face masks everywhere we go,” Pratt said. “We’re not playing. I’m not trying to get pig flu! We’re in, like, full hiding.”

Enjoy more photos and video below.


Now that Heidi has had her plastic surgery make over, rumor has it she will pose for Playboy yet again to show off her new assets. What do you think readers? Do you want to see Heidi Montag Playboy photos after the fact?

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Photos: www.wenn.com

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