Hulk Hogan Hospitalized

September 6, 2010
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Oh brother! Hulk Hogan hospitalized for back pain! The Hulkster is reportedly suffering from “excruciating back pain” and was taken in for treatment. Find out more telling details and see photos and a video right here.

Hulk Hogan 1 2

Even though the Hulkster has had back trouble for some time, this time, the clock ran out and help was needed. Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

According to reports, Hulk Hogan has been having issues with his ongoing back trouble, especially within the past few days and reportedly was unable to get out of bed this sunrise. So apparently, Hogan’s girlfriend made a phone call to receive medical assistance and the Hulkster was taken to a hospital in Clearwater, Florida. Sources say that he remains there and tests are being done. Is this the end of the Hulkamania?

A few months back, one of Hulk’s rivalry’s and wrestling colleagues, Ric Flair, shared:

“His heart is in the ring but he has health issues and at this point in time they are overwhelming. His back has been really bad. He’s got an artificial knee, an artificial hip, which don’t bother him at all. But his back is causing everything to hurt. Hopefully, when he gets his back fixed he’ll be fine. We might still see him in the ring if his health issues get resolved.”

Flair can be seen in his reality tv show series Hogan Knows Best with the wrestler himself and his family. So really, million dollar question…does he? Flair says, “I respect him immensely but on some things we agree to disagree. It’s the business.”

So this could definitely mean that we may never see the Hulk in the ring again? Aww…I was anticipating a huge comeback! Instead, let’s hope for a brand new season of the Hulkster…I’m ready, are you?

You may leave your well-wishes for Hulk Hogan hospitalized due to back pain in the comment box. Best wishes, brother! Be sure to check out photos and a video clip of Hogan vs Flair Face-off below.

Hulk Hogan Photo 1Hulk Hogan Picture 2Hulk Hogan Photo 3
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Photos: Chan/C.M. Wiggins

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