Hysterical New LOST Video Emerges at Comic-Con

July 25, 2011
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Comic-con is full of surprises, usually involving movie trailers, spoilers, and big announcements – but who would have thought that the folks behind LOST would treat us to some fresh footage.

Matthew Fox

It may be because I saw every episode on the night they aired, it may be because television virtually died after the show ended, but I am eating up this video clip.

It was shot as a sarcastic add-on to the series, which mostly centers on a real conversation that took place between Locke and Jack. It was early on in the series, back before they were brave enough to try to crack open the hatch.

Jacob and his smoke monster brother sit in the jungle observing them as they debate the meaning of their getting stuck on the island.

It pokes fun at the entire ending, which left some people very frustrated. Was the whole melee a giant metaphor for life? Was it a halfway point between life and death? We may never know.

But we have learned one hugely important fact. The evil smoke monster’s name was Barry!

In all seriousness, they mention how absurd it was that Jacob went to such great lengths to find a replacement “leader” for the island, and even how silly the “cave of light” was.

Either way, it reminded me of how amazing LOST was. Some people are going so far as to call it a spoiler, but honestly, you could watch the video prior to watching ANY episode and still find enjoyment.

If anything, it takes something away from the dramatic ending of the series, which has become mythological to some. There are hundreds of websites – some of which are still active – dedicated to the show. How will they receive this one?

Probably with a turned up nose. Sigh.

Watch it below and judge for yourself.

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