Inception’s Marion Cotillard Pregnant!

January 10, 2011
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Fans of the movie ‘Inception’ were greeted this week with the news of Marion Cotillard pregnant—you know the actress who played Leo’s wife? That’s the one.

Marion Cotillard

Though I had never heard of her before the epic cerebral thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio, I now give her tons of credit for intensity. The scene that stood out the most for me was the moment when he ascends in the elevator as she glares up at him—spooky!

Well, the real life Ms. Cotillard is now expecting her first child with boyfriend Guillaume Canet, and despite rumors, they are not engaged.

Celeb tabloid Us Weekly apparently broke the story Monday afternoon, which was followed in lock step by several other reliable sources, including PEOPLE, who quoted a ‘source’ that insisted there has yet to be a proposal:

“They haven’t disclosed any plans concerning marriage…”

The couple first crossed paths about seven years ago while working on ‘Love Me If You Dare,’ but it wouldn’t be until 2007 that they became an item. A few years ago, Cotillard hinted at the potential that she may take a hiatus from her acting career to start a family, saying:

“You can’t work all your life… I have the choice to take a big break… so I must take some time to have babies.”

Good for her! It is disheartening to see uber-successful celebs that have children, only to let a nanny raise them. It sounds like she is not about to go that route.

Meanwhile, Inception as a whole is up for Best Motion Picture at the Golden Globes, and some say it may have a shot at a few Oscar nods. You know the Academy is drooling over the prospect of tossing a few more statues Leo’s way—but maybe our mom-to-be will get some loving herself. Your thoughts?

More on the Marion Cotillard pregnant story over at Huffington Post.

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