Indy 500 Schedule, Line-Up 2010

May 30, 2010
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The Indy 500 schedule and line-up (2010) are in high demand today as the race gets underway. Get all the information here, and check out photos and video as well.

Indy 500

Well race fans, the big day is here. Teams from around the world are ready to push the envelope with the latest engineering and technology available. The events surrounding the race are always epic and memorable, so I’ve provided you with the full schedule.

Here is the Indy 500 Schedule, and line-up for the 2010 race (courtesy of Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s official website):

5 a.m. Garage opens to participants
6 a.m. Military bomb to signify opening of track to public
7 a.m. Team equipment/supplies enter pits 8 a.m. Spectacle of Bands
10 a.m. IMS pace car rides
10:30 a.m. Cars begin entering pit lane
10:55 a.m. Cars in place in pit lane
11:15 a.m. Grid cars on front straightaway
“On the Banks of the Wabash” – Purdue University Band
11:30 a.m. Clear pit lane (cold pit passes must leave)
11:40 a.m. Cars in place on grid
11:50 a.m. Engine warm up begins
12:00 p.m. Engine warm up concludes
Cars will not receive fuel top off on the grid
ABC broadcast begins
12:14 p.m. Drivers report to North Green Room (Pagoda)
12:25 p.m. Drivers in 11 rows for Driver Introductions
12:30 p.m. Race Mode required on annual/indy only credentials for pit access
12:33 p.m. Driver Introductions (live)
12:39 p.m. Drivers Picture – Yard of Bricks
12:47 p.m. “America the Beautiful”
12:52 p.m. “God Bless America”
12:54 p.m. “National Anthem” – Concludes with flyover
12:56 p.m. “Drivers to Your Cars”
12:57 p.m. Invocation 1:01 p.m. Rifle Volley
1:02 p.m. Taps
1:03 p.m. “Back Home Again in Indiana”
Balloon spectacle
1:05 p.m. “Ladies and Gentleman Start Your Engines” – Mari Hulman George
1:06 p.m. Parade Lap
1:10 p.m. Pace Laps
1:12 p.m. Green Flag – 2010 Indianapolis 500® Mile Race

Sit back and enjoy the race on this beautiful Memorial Day weekend. For up to date race information check here – The Indy Channel

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…so who will take the top spot in this year’s race? We’ll just have to wait and see. Below you’ll find a video related to the Indy 500 Schedule and line-up. Enjoy!

Danica PatrickIndy 500Indy 500

Photos: Daly/Judy Eddy

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