Is ‘The Voice’ About The Talent Or The Coaches?

April 27, 2011
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Like many of you, I sat with my jaw on the floor for most of the premiere of ‘The Voice,’ but it was only partially due to the array of amazing vocalists. The first episode left me wondering which will be more entertaining to watch, the singers or the relentless competition between the coaches.

The Voice Coaches

I guess it’s fair to assume that the four celebrity coaches must have a go get ‘em attitude to have made it so far in the music business. That drive was more than abundantly clear Tuesday night as they relentlessly competed for the best singers available.

More than once in the show it really seemed like they were fighting for contestants, not because they were amazing singers, but because they really wanted to out do each other.

The result was that a ton of attention was taken away from the singers, and placed on the bickering between the coaches – and I didn’t mind one bit.

Christina Aguilera seemed genuinely annoyed at Adam Levine for part of the show, and even passive-aggressively heckled him for his ‘sales’ tactics.

She was definitely onto something though, because he made out with the best team on the show by far.

Second to the antics of the coaches was the singing, which wasn’t bad at all. It’s refreshing to see a few less than mainstreaming looking people on television. These days the average show goes to great pains to overly-idealize the contestants and even the audience. The result is an unrealistic sampling of people that a lot of us can’t even relate to.

I’m ready for next week’s episode to see how the next phase of the show will be. I’m expected more craziness from the judges, but this time it will come from their individual time with the talent.

Next Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

Did you watch ‘The Voice?’ What were your feelings on the show? Feel free to leave us a comment below.


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