Ivana Trump is Celebrity Big Brother Contestant

January 10, 2010
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Ivana Trump was the last houseguest to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house, and not everyone was excited to see her. Yes Ivana Trump is a Celebrity Big Brother contestant and her cougar status is making some of the contestants a little uncomfortable. Read on to learn exactly what I am talking about, plus there are fabulous pictures of Ivana along with a video from the show.

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The infamous Ivana Trump became a surprise addition to the cast of Celebrity Big Brother days after the show began. It didn’t take long for her presence in the house to cause some controversy, but in all fairness it was so not her felt. Once again the reality TV star and big mouth Stephen Baldwin was talking crap. See Baldwin didn’t want to sleep near Trump because he was afraid the “cougar” would put the moves on him. Needless to say she was not too thrilled with this comment and who could blame her. Stephen is a jerk but he always makes reality TV interesting.

Ivana Trump is best known as the ex-wife of billionaire Donald Trump. However, she also has her own line of cosmetics, fragrances and accessories that are sold over the Internet. She is known as a cougar because of her relationships with younger men, such as ex-husband 37 year old Rossano Rubicond, more power to her I say.

She has said she will write a book about her experience on the show. Sounds to me like someone plans on being in the house for the duration. Best of luck to you Ivana I have a feeling you are going to need it. You may be a cougar but you are in a house with some serious sharks so watch your back.

The final season of Celebrity Big Brother is certainly turning out to be hot and full of controversy, and it is only the first week. With the addition of Ivana Trump I have a feeling the sparks have just begun to fly.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Andres Otero/A. Miller/Zibi/PNP/Joseph Marzullo

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