Jackson Security Guard: Conrad Murray Removed Medical Evidence

January 5, 2011
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A Jackson security guard named Alberto Alvarez testified that Doctor Conrad Murray removed medical evidence, including medicine prior to contacting police on the day of the singer’s death—and that’s just the beginning.

Michael Jackson

The first few days of the preliminary hearings for Dr. Murray have revealed new claims of disturbing details surrounding the last moments of the pop King’s life. In court today, a security guard offered his take on the events of that day, which painted the doctor as a bumbling, nervous wreck as he attempted to revive MJ.

On Monday, a different member of the security team implied that Murray didn’t even know CPR, and even asked those nearby if they knew how when he found Jackson immobilized.

Tuesday’s hearing would bring more shocking testimony. This time it was Alvarez who took to the stand. He claimed that before any calls for assistance were placed, Conrad Murray was attempting CPR with one hand, and that he even said ‘he had a bad reaction,’ when asked what happened to Jackson. On top of that, the guard claims, Murray feverishly gathered up medicine bottles and placed them into a brown paper bag.

Perhaps even more bizarre was the overall description of the scene. According to Alvarez, MJ had been sleeping with “medical tubing” attached to his penis. He also seemed to confirm reports that Jackson was hooked up to an IV, and even described the substance in the IV pouch as ‘milky.’

Only after all of this was done, did the doctor call 911. A paramedic also testified that it appeared as though MJ had been dead for at least twenty minutes before the call was placed.

Naturally, the defense pointed out that the security guard never told authorities about the alleged pill bottle hiding, and that he was admittedly in the market to sell his side of the story.

I have a feeling this thing will continue to get uglier. Your thoughts?

For more on the Jackson security guard’s testimony, and Conrad Murray’s alleged evidence hiding, visit RadarOnline.

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