Jade Goody Cancer

August 20, 2008
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Big Brother reality star Jade Goody received the devastating news that she has cervical cancer while filming on Big Brother India (AKA Big Boss). Read more and see photos and video here.

Jade Goody was a guest in the Big Brother India house, when she received a call from her doctor back in England, revealing that she has cervical cancer. She cut her trip short and immediately returned to her local hospital, Princess Alexandra in Essex, to seek treatment via a cancer specialist.

Jade did give consent for the footage to be shown, and it aired last night. You can see the video here. That is some serious reality television.

Jade Goody suspected she may have cancer after she collapsed several times, however the reality star decided to take part in the Big Brother India show because she needed money to support her two young children. Two days before she flew off, she did an interview with Reveal magazine in which she said:

‘I know going to India sounds crazy, and a lot of people will criticize me for it, but I have to pay my bills. And if I do face cancer, I need to make sure I can support the boys. It’s really hard not knowing what is happening. I’m trying to block it out and not to get too depressed.’

Jade Goody is in our thoughts and prayers and we wish her a full recovery.

Jade Goody Cancer Video

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