Janice Dickinson: Looking For Love on New TV Show

March 1, 2010
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You either love her or hate her. She has outwardly referred to herself as the world’s first supermodel and has an ego like no other. I’m talking about Janice Dickinson.

Janice Dickinson

Though she might be a bit rude, slightly narcissistic and unbelievably obnoxious, everybody needs love, right? Janice Dickinson is on a mission to find just that.

According to reports, Janice Dickinson is getting her own reality dating show. In this dating show, she will be pretty much catered to by a bunch of hot young men. Cougar alert! Though the show does not have a network yet, she is working with Wikked Entertainment to make it happen.

So basically, this will probably just end up being the female version of “The Flavor of Love.” I honestly, don’t know which will be trashier. Plus, she might end up like Flava Flav in the sense that I’m sure there will be a lot of guys showing up simply for the money and/or attention.

I don’t know guys. This is just ridiculous. I don’t know how much more Janice I can take on my television screen, so I’m pretty much hoping that no one wants to pick up the show. How much reality TV can this woman possibly sink her teeth into?!

First, how could we forget the fact that she joined the judging panel for “America’s Next Top Model” in 2003. However, she was fired because of her stance against plus-sized models. Then in 2005 she appeared on season five of “The Surreal Life.” The in 2006, she created her own show called “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” where it showed her focusing on becoming a modeling agent.

She later then created a show with Abigal Clancey, an English model, called “Abbey & Janice: Beauty & The Best.” Following that, she appeared on two versions of “I’m a Celebrity… Get me Out Of Here!” I think it’s safe to say the world has had enough! Not to mention the countless interviews of her bashing one person or another. In the video below, she can be seen talking smack about “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell.

Janice Dickinson 1Janice Dickinson 2Janice Dickinson 3

Photos: Owen Beiny/ Agent 47 www.wenn.com

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