Jason Castro Is American Idol Heartthrob

February 15, 2008
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Jason Castro is one of American Idol’s top 24. See photos, biography and video here.

Jason Castro is a dreadlocked cutie, who is bound to be an American Idol favorite.

Jason Castro Biography

We don’t know much about Jason Castro, so we’ll have to fill in the blanks as his popularity grows. He is 20-years-old and was born in Dallas, but raised in Rowlett, Texas. He currently lives in Rockwall, Texas, but is staying in Hollywood to be one of television’s heartthrobs on American Idol Season 7.

Jason Castro is no stranger to reality TV. He was the boyfriend of MTV’s reality show cutie Cheyenne Kimball. He was also featured in her music video “Hanging On.”

In between his time on Cheyenne’s show and auditioning for American Idol, Jason Castro attended Texas A&M University where he was majoring in Construction Science. No doubt he will be one of this season’s favorites, with his unique looks and amazing voice.

See more photos and video below.

Video Of Jason Castro “Santeria”
Video Of Jason Castro In Cheyenne Kimball’s “Hanging On” Music Video


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3 Responses to “Jason Castro Is American Idol Heartthrob”

  1. 1
    Jeanette’s Celebrity Corner » Blog Archive » American Idol Top 12 Boys Recaps Says:

    […] Jason Castro, Rockwall, Texas – Guitar in hand – and those eyes…oh those dreamy eyes. Oh my, he’s going to be one of my favorites of the season! I love that he played guitar while he sang. Great great job with the song. Great song choice. Randy said that he had some pitch problems but it was all right. Didn’t blow me away but all right. Paula said that he blew her away and that he picked a song that was perfect for him, really joyful. Simon said that it was in the Top 2 performances of the night. He told him that he has got it, great with the camera, very good choice of song, made it sound current, it’s what you did with it, effortless, terrific. […]

  2. 2
    frank Says:

    IZ when he sang this it was heart felt and a way of life not something this girlie man (castro) fidel castro relatives is trying to do just to take IZ way of life and use the peoples sorrow of his loss to try and make something of himself IZ had Hawaii show them there respect when he left to look down on us just think this joker castro is playing everybody to win cause he’s a sissy man with girlie looks trying to play off of someone else tragedy

    Watch at 1:17 sounds like plue birds fly nice butchering of a good song poser

  3. 3
    Elaine Says:

    Jason is without a doubt the most Original and Gifted contestant to ever grace the AI stage.
    This young man is a man of faith and it clearly shows.
    I really like how he gave Brudda Iz credit for his famous and beautiful rendition of SOTR. both Jason’ and Iz’ are incredible.
    The world needs more Jasons.
    Television land certainly needs more Jasons.