Jay Leno: Would He Go Back To ‘The Tonight Show’?

November 3, 2009
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For more than 17 years, we watched a funny-faced man daily after our local news. It was comedian Jay Leno, of course. As we watch him on his own prime time, ” The Jay Leno Show”, we wonder…

Would he go back to “The Tonight Show”?

Don’t get me wrong. Jay is a hoot in his new 10 :00 p.m. time slot rivaling some of the evening drama shows with some good, old-fashioned celebrity chat. Yet, the ratings for “The Jay Leno Show” have been nothing to write home about, yet Leno remains optimistic.

“I’m not having a bad time at 10 o’clock now. I look at this as a job, and now I’m faced with a challenge, and it’s a challenge I find difficult but interesting.”

Yet, we know as things change, the more we want them to remain the same. Fans of Leno and his version of “The Tonight Show” just want their late night buddy back.

Yet, Jay has some sound thoughts on his Conan O’Brien taking over the show.

“Conan is in the same position I was in when I took over. It takes a while. Some will like it; some will leave forever and not come back.”

Conan O’Brien is holding his own, taking the host seat at “The Tonight Show” that Jay Leno occupied and taking Conan O’Brien’s spot over at his old show, “The Late Show”, is “Saturday Night Live” alumni, Jimmy Fallon.

All three hosts have graduated, so to speak, to different grades in the school of chat shows.

Yet, it’s not just Leno fans that are missing him on “The Tonight Show”, it’s Leno missing Leno on “The Tonight Show”.

Prime-time newcomer Jay Leno says he would have rather stayed put at “The Tonight Show” — and if NBC offered him that job again, he’d take it.

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