Jay Photoglou is Gretchen Rossi’s Ex-Boyfriend

November 28, 2010
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Jay Photoglou is Gretchen Rossi’s ex-boyfriend and after all this time apart the two are still making each others lives miserable. The ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County are certainly no stranger to drama and scandal so it is not surprising this is still going on with these two. Learn all about Jay and what he has done this time to continue his feud with Gretchen.

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That latest drama between Gretchen Rossi and ex-boyfriend Jay Photoglou involves him now suing her for expenses he occurred when she sued him for defamation, a case that was thrown out of court because well it was ridiculous. Just as insane are the items that Jay would like Gretchen to pay for which include $96.25 for parking fees, $289 in “mileage fees”, $20.85 for a dinner meeting regarding the case and a mere $72,072.80 in legal fees. Oh yes it would appear Mr. Photoglou is set on getting the money owed to him and keeping his 15 seconds of fame now that he is no longer with The Real Housewives of Orange County star.

In terms of a biography what we know about Jay seems to basically include Gretchen. We know that he sued her for slander and libel because she denied that they ever had a relationship. He stated that she had damaged his reputation by publicly calling him things like a thief, a liar and a drunk. Rossi for her part says that she had a brief involvement with Photoglou before she met and fell in love with her ex-fiance Jeff Beitzel, who was featured with her on the show.

Since then everything between these two has been a case of he said she said court battle between the two consisting of her countersuing him and older court cases coming to light. Jay eventually won his case and Rossi’s was thrown out of court. There were pictures of the two floating around the Internet looking pretty cozy, more than friends that’s for sure. Who knows when they were taken but they certainly would have been damaging to Gretchen’s case.

There isn’t much that we know about Gretchen Rossi’s ex-boyfriend Jeff Photoglou other than he seems to be as much of a famechaser as she is. The war between Photoglou and Rossi doesn’t seen to be letting up. I have a feeling there is a lot more dirt on these two that we will soon learn all about. Let the court battle keep going!

If you have any additional information on Jay please feel free to share.

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3 Responses to “Jay Photoglou is Gretchen Rossi’s Ex-Boyfriend”

  1. 1
    Marissa Says:

    Wow Jay…all this time and you are still here in Gretchens business. THAT is scary! I thought you were just trying to “defend yourself” against all her “slander”, yet here you are almost 2 years later, this story has NOTHING to do with you….You are a scary individual…and the fact that you’re here…reading, commenting,…PROVES YOU ARE a STALKER!! She was right all along…how creepy you are to not have gotten on with your life. You are obsessed with Gretchen….any woman should be leery of a man who’s still around AFTER TWO YEARS!! And I bet this is your fav website too eh Jay…friend of yours? Your are such a disgusting, bloated, tool!!!

  2. 2
    Marissa Says:

    Again, left the previous comment on a website run by Jay and his cronies. Wasn’t posted. Try to silence me, I’ll go elsewhere…..LOL

  3. 3
    Miriam Says:

    OMG I have that same feeing too, i am sure more dirt is yet to be discover