Jay-Z Beyonce Divorce News?

December 19, 2009
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Could the couple that never admitted that they are married be on the verge of a divorce already? The super secretive couple have been on the outs lately and even had a public spat.

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Onlookers at a Barack Obama rally in Los Angeles witnessed a fight between Jay-Z and Beyonce. According to reports, Jay Z was all set to perform on stage in front of a packed audience and Beyonce was at his side supporting him. Everything was cool until the DJ spun one of Beyonce’s hits Crazy In Love. All the fans grooved, but Jay-Z growled. Storming to the mic, he yelled: “F*** that. Sorry Bey but f*** that – let’s play something else.”

Uh, no. Not cool Jay-Z. Seems Beyonce took that diss personal and after he came off stage, she confronted him, demanding to know what the hell his comments had been about. She was gesturing wildly and not looking happy. Of course Jay-Z back pedaled and showered her with compliments. It seemed to work because later the two were spotted holding hands and smiling. For the cameras or for real?

It’s hard to tell about these two as they really keep their personal lives under wraps and avoid discussing each other in the press. They weren’t even photographed much until more recently.

Jay-Z and Beyonce aren’t the only two on the down low. It has come to light that Beyonce’s parents have been separated for quite some time and Tina Knowles has filed for divorce from Beyonce’s father/manager Matthew Knowles.

Tina, 55, filed for divorce a month after Mathew, 58, was named in a paternity suit by aspiring actress Alexsandra Wright who claims that he is the father of her unborn child, due in the spring of next year. Sounds like a trip to the Maury Povich show will be on Matthew’s agenda, soon.

In any event, it is highly unlikely that Jay-Z and Beyonce are on the verge of a divorce but if they are I am sure we’ll hear about it after the fact, just like their marriage.

Here are some more photos of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

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9 Responses to “Jay-Z Beyonce Divorce News?”

  1. 1
    Beyonce 1#Fan Says:

    Y are youll brigin old shit up bout Be and JAy dat happen long time ago youl just want people to read your story and compare it to Beyonce parents,,smart of u to do so but you will get outed..read my words ull see

  2. 2
    Max Says:

    This is a really really sad attempt to get people’s attention. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing one of your writers/journalists to write such nonsense as and even more ashamed for publishing this on your website.

    You have confirmed that you are not a reliable website for entertainment news.

  3. 3
    renee Says:

    Only a dumb person will believe this article first of all It President Obama. Also the rally you are refering to is when President Obama was running for President. News flash Obam won no need to rally anymore. Like Jay z says onm to the nest one. No I meany only a dumb a-s would write this article.

  4. 4
    tiredawg Says:

    renee.,.,. only a dumber-ass would read it, be offended and not know how to spell…DER!!!

  5. 5
    renee Says:

    @ tiredawg. calling the kettle black tiredawg go back to the basics if you trying to do spell check on others why dont you know how to spell dear it is not der. If your sh-t is not right dont f-ck with others now is that correct grammar. With you tired a-s, the name becomes you.

  6. 6
    Lucy Says:

    Oh Oh ooooooooooooooo,

    that was funny…….. i dont really think thats beyonce!! and 4 all u ppl that think shes bein pissed off. ur all wrong!!!!

  7. 7
    mohamed Says:

    For these couples to say bye to each other is merely unimaginable.JAY & BEY 4 ever

  8. 8
    Laylah Says:

    Who cares we got our own lives to think about whatever happens between these two is between them none of our business besides no couple is perfect so I mean let’s not be surprise if they did fight!!!

  9. 9
    audrey Says:

    beyonce aint doing notin in dat video n yes only a dumb person wil believe it.