Jerry Seinfeld to replace Conan O’Brien?

December 26, 2009
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Rumors are spreading that NBC is looking to replace Conan O’Brian with Jerry Seinfeld due to The Tonight Show’s low ratings. Well we want to know… is Jerry interested in this job?

On June 1st of this year, Conan O’Brian took over the “Tonight Show” from Jay Leno in a bold move by NBC after almost 17 years with Leno at the helm. Conan’s ratings were high, as expected, when he took over The Tonight Show and it seemed he would continue the Leno’s tradition of outpacing David Letterman’s “Late Night.” However, only 9 days after the takeover, Letterman outpaced The Tonight Show’s viewer ratings and they have been back and forth ever since. Read more and see video below…

Now, latest rumors indicate that the heads of NBC are not happy with the situation and are looking to replace Conan with none other than Jerry Seinfeld. Look at it from NBC’s point of view: the show has lost over 50% of its viewing base in a little under 12 months! If the trend continues, Conan will have to jog back to LA (recall the first show began with Conan jogging all the way to New York to get to his new set). In Conan’s defense, Leno’s Tonight Show was set up for a completely different demographic. So maybe he’s just lost the older crowd and is building a younger base? Only time will tell.

The truth of it is, NBC would have to be completely off their rocker if they aren’t at least fishing for alternatives. Jerry Seinfeld though? I’d love the move, but it seems like a long shot at best. Since the rumors have surfaced, no one has heard from Seinfeld about his side of the story. The last we heard of his plans, post his show, was when he was actually on Letterman! He has had a long relationship with NBC, but I just don’t see him committing to that unless he was compensated VERY well! I’d still love to see Jerry up there though…

See this video below of Jerry Seinfeld discussing his “plans to do nothing” on Letterman:

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4 Responses to “Jerry Seinfeld to replace Conan O’Brien?”

  1. 1
    Kirk Says:

    Conan is already in LA. He jogged there from New York, moron.

  2. 2
    bigus Says:

    Conan is from NYC and jogged to LA.
    Dickhead… get your facts straight.

  3. 3
    Franklyn Says:

    Conan was originally from New York and now does his show in Los Angeles. You need to get your act together, you filthy rapist.

  4. 4
    CaptainObvious Says:

    Lost 50% of viewers in 12 months? Conan has only hosted for 6, so obviously the problem began with Leno. What an all-around awful article.