Jersey Shore Cast Settles Into Florence (PHOTOS)

May 17, 2011
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Now that the long flight is over, the spray-tanned crew of the Jersey Shore has made Florence, Italy their home for the summer. Finally this week we’re getting the initial reaction of the locals – and it may surprise you.

Jersey Shore Italy

The media has a way of telling people how to feel about things. Before the show premiered in the US, they insisted that it would be disgusting, stereotypical, and offensive. Italian-American groups made a raucous, and the cast was roundly considered to be outrageous.

The people of Italy – Florence in particular – have also been flooded with commentary from local and international media outlets decrying MTV’s idea of bringing the madness to the homeland. So much that they already had a strongly held opinion about these kids before they even stepped off the plane.

The real question is whether Snooki will have to take a blow to the chin to win them over.

So far, it hasn’t been all haterade dished out by the real Italians. Entertainment Weekly ran a nice piece today that included a bunch of quotes from local teenagers. Some of them felt like the Jersey Shore cast wasn’t all that bad, while others were worried about how they could make the city look.

I guess that’s one big difference between American and European kids—ours clearly don’t care about global perception.

The most love has been given by American’s studying abroad, who seemed excited that The Situation and crew were in town. While the most hate has apparently been dished out by random people on the side of the road, who are yelling things like:

“Why don’t they get out of town and just go home … They are all idiots!”

The most interesting thing I found was a good number of the kids in the EW story didn’t even know that most of the Jersey Shore cast were Italian-Americans – they apparently only view the show as being about Americans.

We’ll have to wait and see if they can earn the respect of the locals. I have my doubts.

Stay tuned…

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