Jersey Shore Premiere Announced: August 4!

June 4, 2011
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The Jersey Shore premiere, announced today, will hit this coming August 4th. Fans of the wildest reality ride on television can finally mark their calendars for some all-new GTL.

Jersey Shore Italy

For those of us who have been tracking our orange-faced friends from afar, we know that they have been running amuck in Florence, Italy. The show doesn’t even air until the fall, but we already know a few epically douchey details.

To start, we know that they aren’t even being allowed to film in certain bars and clubs, so it will be a completely different show. I’m guessing there will be a lot of drinking going on at their temporary home.

Officials there also won’t allow them to be filmed inside most of the legendary museums, so you can forget seeing little Snooki stand on her tippy-toes to admire any of Michelangelo’s sculptures.

Aside from being blacklisted by the local bigwigs, the cast mates themselves have apparently been hard at work confirming what many Italians thought about them: they’re dangerous. (By the way, I love that about them).

As you know, Snooki managed to crash into her own police escort. She waltzed around in a neck-brace for a while, and sent two policemen to the hospital. Rumor has it she may even be sued. That little incident also cost her the use of her license while in Florence.

Another little gem we learned is that Mike and Ronnie have a serious fight that turns physical. There are paparazzi photos of Ronnie with busted up knuckles, and Mike with a red, bumpy looking face.

Watching this overly tanned, violent, binge drinking crew is a guilty pleasure of mine. I have seen nearly every episode on the night it premiered since the show’s inception. At first it was with partial disgust, but after Snooki got clobbered by a random schmuck at the club, I was hooked.

I can’t wait to see how some of this stuff actually plays out.

With the Jersey Shore premiere announced, are you getting amped for the new season?

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