Jersey Shore’s New Cast Member Revealed: Deena Nicole Cortese

August 11, 2010
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So I guess we get a peek into the future of Jersey Shore’s season 3 which takes place back at Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The prediction is Angelina Pivarnick is out…again! It has been officially announced at the Television Critics Association last week that a new guidette is coming to the Shore! Keep Reading for the full story, photos & video below…

Jersey Shore 5

Deena Nicole Cortese, 23, from New Egypt, N.J. will join the Jersey Shore cast Season 3 and was a friend of Snooki’s since before she went off to the “Shore” for the first season.

During the meeting, the roommates joined together on the stage with Cortese and explained that Angelina just didn’t fit in and that she had to go. I don’t think too many people will actually miss Angelina but it is unclear whether people will accept Deena since there has already been a video leaked on the internet of her using racial slurs. When she found out that the was a video online she wanted to clarify what the video meant and said

“That video, I literally didn’t mean any disrespect to anyone. If I did offend anyone, I apologize. It’s just a slang word and I didn’t mean it. I didn’t want to offend anyone. It wasn’t disrespectful at all.”

It seems as though it was time for a change and getting a new roommate in the house will freshen things up. Pauly D feels like Deena will fit right in and says they are having fun with their new roomie! Hopefully everyone will just get along and have fun but we all know that the drama and fighting keep the ratings going up! I don’t think they have much to be upset about lately as TMZ previously reported that the cast received a $10,000 signing bonus and $5,000 per episode for the second season, so life is pretty sweet right now! One things for sure, Jersey Shore’s Ronnie, Vinny, Mike, Pauly D, J-Woww, Sammi and good old Snooki are not going anywhere for a long time!

Check out these photos of the cast and video below…

Jersey Shore 2 1Jersey Shore 3Jersey Shore 4Jersey Shore 6Jersey Shore 7Jersey Shore 8Jersey Shore 1 1

Photos: Cortes

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