Jesse James Cries: Nightline Video

May 22, 2010
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Jesse James cries on TV, who would have thought. But the tough guy completely broke down during his Nightline interview, and now the video of Jesse James crying is bringing him a bit of sympathy. Check it out here, along with pictures.

jesse james

Jesse James’ first interview since the cheating scandal hit is making big news. It seems the tough guy really is remorseful, and realizes the consequences of his actions. To little too late IMO, but it is nice to see he feels bad. Pop Eater has more of the details of the interview, where Jesse admits “I took a pretty amazing life and amazing success and marriage and threw it away.”

Despite missing a court appearance, and having to post bail, Lindsay Lohan is STILL partying it up in Cannes. HOT MESS at I Need My Fix.

Speaking of, is that cocaine on the table in front of Lindsay? Hilary Shepherd.

Miley flashes her leopard print bra. Check out the pictures at Bumpshack.

Kate Gosselin is back in her bikini – and unfortunately rockin’ short hair. Check out her bikini photos at Backseat Cuddler. Hot or not?

Congrats!! Laura Ling is pregnant! Celebrity Baby Scoop!

Josh Holloway covers Men’s Health and talks life after Lost – Ten Gossip.

Support Busy Bee Blogger as they host “Rock Out, Beat Cancer!”

Check out Ozzy Osbourne’s “Scream” Video & Tracks at Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

Kendra’s lesbian sex tape, along witht eh other sex video is set to break records! Kim K. move over – Amy Grindhouse.

And back to the subject at hand, Jesse James crying. The video is posted below, but our friends at The Evil Beet also have some more details, and say “the soundbites that are being released by ABC are kind of heartbreaking.”

What are your thoughts? Can he be forgiven? Tell me in the comment section below after enjoying the about links! Have a great weekend!! XOXO!

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Photos: Dodridge/Goodwood


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