Jon & Kate Plus 8 Returns To TLC After The Couple’s Split

August 5, 2009
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TLC’s ratings mammoth Jon & Kate Plus 8 returns this week, even after the couple split. Read more and see photos and video here.

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Soon after the “announcement” episode, watched by more than 10.6 million people, many thought the recently split Jon & Kate would not return to their TLC reality show.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 officially returned to TLC on August 3, only a month and a half after they told the world their marriage was over.

In an odd way, though, the show has forced them to at least feign normalcy for the sake of their children.

It’s not to say that they are pretending to be back to the way they were before the ugly rumors of Jon’s infidelity, and the fall out it generated. But as the show returns to TLC it will be admittedly captivating to watch the officially split couple struggle to function, even if only on the most basic level.

The first example came while they were deciding on the details for the kitchen renovation. They squabbled a bit, but with the help of the workers, they ground their way to a semi-agreement. Without the show, and the income it generates, would they even try?

Kate couldn’t stand to live in the house without her basic appliances, so she and the kids stayed at the beach for a while. Then, of course, they were separate again. It was the first example of what TLC calls “separate parenting.”

When asked about the beach trip, Jon said:

“The decision to have the kids at the beach and me at home gave us a break to think about what we need to do as parents for our kids.”

In the episode, Kate returns from the beach with the children. Jon spends a short time with them, and then he’s off on his own again.

This season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 should be an awkward, yet entertaining one. Ironically, the show that many feel was a catalyst for their separation may now be encouraging them to at least work together.

See photos and video below.

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2 Responses to “Jon & Kate Plus 8 Returns To TLC After The Couple’s Split”

  1. 1
    Rebecca cook Says:

    I will not watch this show anymore.
    I hope she has a chip of norplant in her ass so she can not bring any more kids into the world
    Why did she go on a Harley when she has kids to raise how selfish!

  2. 2
    Kathy Says:

    What is wrong with you! Jon has been running around nailing everything he can hold down. Spending money and completely abandoning his childern and you get down on her for taking a little alone time!!??? Any parent needs some time away and at least she is the one at home with the kids. He is a sorry excuse of a man and deserves what ever crap his current lifestyle brings him! On the show I use to feel sorry for him, now I think he is a useless pig and Kate is the one showing dignity in the light of this seperation. she would ber a total fool to even consider taking that scum back!