Josiah Leming is American Idol’s Upset

October 31, 2008
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Josiah Leming is the American Idol cutie who didn’t make it to the top 24, but is finding success anyway.But his current record deal might be in violation of the contract he signed with American Idol. See his biography, photos and video here.

American Idol judges may have made a mistake letting Josiah Leming go. The former contestant says he has already sold albums and landed a spot on television. He is now the first ever American Idol contestant, who did not make it into the top 24, to obtain a record deal. However, he was served with an official letter from Idol threatening legal action for his breach of contract.

According to his rep, Leming is “racing the clock” because his mother has terminal cancer, and “nothing is going to stop him from getting his music out while she is alive to share it.” Leming’s lawyer reportedly responded to the “Idol” letter but hasn’t heard back yet.

Josiah Leming Biography

Josiah Leming is an 18-year-old toe-headed cutie who the girls love. As far as his biography goes, we only know what he told us in his 60-second TV bio. He was a rebellious kid, and as a result left his parent’s home and has been living out of his car. He caught the heart of America (at least the teenage girls) and was one of the biggest upsets American Idol has had when he was eliminated on Wednesday. The message boards for the reality show were going like crazy with upset fans at the news of him being cut. Despite being cut from the show, he has seemed to capture quite a following.

Josiah Leming won judges over with his Atlanta audition, where he sang an original song called “To Run.” Fans got hooked on his music and found more of his original music on his myspace page. He was pushed through again when he sang Mika’s “Grace Kelly.” Simon Cowell gave out one of his few compliments and said,

“I think out of all the auditions, this is the one I’m going to remember.”

According to the judges, Josiah Leming made a mistake when he dismissed the band and sang an a capella version of “Stand By Me.” He was cut from the group and failed to make the top 24. He’s not biter though. His fan base has widened, and he has not only sold over 1,000 albums on his MySpace page, but he has made $9,000. Also, Fox has contacted him with an idea for a TV show, and he will appear on ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ on Monday to perform.

So if you miss Josiah Leming, and his faux British accent while he sings, you can check out more of him Monday. You can also see more photos and videos of him after the jump.

Josiah Leming Video


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2 Responses to “Josiah Leming is American Idol’s Upset”

  1. 1
    Gabrielle Says:

    It’s true – what Paula said. Josiah does make the girls fall in love with him, when he started to sing Grace Kelly I smiled the whole time. When he got cut, I literally cried. I miss him everytime I watch AI know, but I know I’ll be seeing so much more of him.
    He has the most amazing voice and is incredibly hot, I got all of his songs.
    Josiah, we love you and always will :)
    Hugs and kisses.

  2. 2
    amy Says:

    his accent isn’t fake it’s real! why anyone TRY to sing british? it’s hard it’s like trying to talk in an accent you don’t know anything about. and he doesn’t talk american either. he has an accent when he talks. and besides…it’s hot and it works for him.