Judge Judy Is Not Fair

January 6, 2008
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Judge Judy, who is known to be really mean to the defendants on the show, is not fair. It turns out that in real life Judy is just as mean. Two separate lawsuits have been filed against the show by former employees. Read the details below.

Two employees of the show claimed that their office was a toxic work environment, they were discriminated and they were fired because they complained about it. They even stated that they were treated with less justice than most of the people who appeared before the TV Judge Judy. One instance involved age discrimination , Karen Needle, 54, claimed that she was wrongfully terminated because she was too old. The other lawsuit was racial discrimination. Jonathan Sebastien, a former senior producer who worked on the show for seven years, claims that his supervisor, Randy Douthit, who is a defendant in the case, screened out blacks.

Douthit told producers, “We’re not doing any more black shows,” and “I don’t want to hear black people arguing” and “I don’t want to hear no black language on the TV.”

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