Judge Lays Smack Down On Jon And Kate

October 13, 2009
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The much anticipated court date for Jon and Kate Gosselin has come and gone. Find out what the judge ruled here.

Jon GosselinKate Gosselin

Things continue to spiral downward for the reality show divorcees. The accusations have flown from both sides, and progress seems to have ground to a halt. So they took their matter to court hoping to sort things out.

The judge apparently ruled that they must seek arbitration, and he ruled that any money that had been withdrawn inappropriately had to be returned. Jon continues to deny that he made a massive withdraw, which Kate says was in excess of $200,000.

Probably the most humorous part was that the judge told them to keep things private. Hah! – TMZ

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Anyway, back to Jon and Kate. I have to say even I’m getting tired of hearing them whine. They need to really grow up and work it out for the kids, I mean how sad will it be one day when the kids get older and read about all of the things that have happened?

I’ve included some photos and video about the troubled former couple below.

Kate GosselinKate GosselinJon GosselinJon Gosselin

Picures: PR Photos

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