Gary Goldsmith’s Ex-Wife Is Julia Leake

July 22, 2009
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Meet Julia Leake, the ex-wife of Gary Goldsmith, who is the Uncle of Kate Middleton. Learn more about the story, plus find pictures and video here.

Juila Leake

Julia Leake Gary Goldsmith Ex-Wife

Two years have passed since Julia Leake, 32, married Gary Goldsmith in a civil ceremony, and then decided to not go through with their £250,000 church ceremony because of his way of life. The mother of Kate Middleton begged Leake to stay with her brother thinking that she could help him, according to reports. The pleas from Goldsmiths family did no good as she decided to stay separated from him.

It turns out that was probably the smart thing to do considering that recently the millionaire was exposed by a newspaper for offering reporters cocaine and bragging about his ties to Prince William, who is Kate’s Boyfriend.

Leake’s description of her ex-hubby is that he is a “borderline genius,” who was able to build up a business and then sell it for £ 25million. On the other hand sources told the, that his “drug use and behavior” were too much forcing her to leave for good.

Let us know your thoughts in about Julia Leake and Gary Goldsmith in the comment section. Also, check out pictures and a video below.

Juila Leake
Julia Leake Photo

Kate Middleton Video

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